Respirator Fit Testing

Stay Safe and Healthy. Don't wait to get compliant with the new laws for Respirator Testing. Contact us today for your Quantitative or Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing. Walk-ins are taken at our Livonia office or we can come onsite to you! 

Types of Respirators

We test all kinds of respirators including N95, Full Face and Half face, SCBA masks, PAPR, etc.

N95 Fit Testing

OCS is certified to conduct either Qualitative or Quantitative fit testing.

Qualitative fit testing is conducted by putting a hood over the test subject who is wearing the mask being tested. Bittrex or Saccharin are sprayed into the hood and the mask’s fit factor is decided if the test subject can smell or taste anything. If the mask fits properly, all seams should be leak-proof which means the subject should not be able to smell or taste the spray. While this test can be subjective to each person’s specific senses, qualitative testing can be used if the individuals are not in direct contact with any exposure.

Quantitative fit testing is done by probing the mask so a machine can scientifically prove that there are no leaks in the mask and that the wearer is properly protected. Quantitative testing is the preferred form of testing for environments involving hazardous viral or airborne exposures. However due to having to probe the mask, the testing process requires one mask to be destroyed (FOR N95 MASKS ONLY).

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Qualitative Testing
Quantitative Testing

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